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Inverse Problems in Engineering provides an international forum for the discussion of conceptual ideas and methods for the practical solution of applied inverse problems. The journal aims to address the needs of practising engineers and to serve as a focal point for the quick communication of ideas. Topics include:

  • Shape design: determination of shape, size and location of domains (shape identification or optimization in acoustics, aerodynamics, electromagnets, etc; detection of voids and cracks).
  • Material properties: determination of physical properties of media.
  • Boundary value/initial value: identification of the proper boundary conditions and initial conditions (tomographic problems involving X-rays, ultrasonics, optics, thermal sources etc; determination of thermal boundary conditions in heat conduction).
  • Forces: determination of the unknown external forces or inputs acting on a domain (structural dynamic modification and reconstruction).
  • Governing equations: inference of the equations governing the variation of field quantities.