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  Applied Physics has been founded in 1973 by H.K.V. Lotsch and is an international journal for the rapid publication of experimental and theoretical investigations in applied research. It is issued in two parts: Applied Physics A - Materials Science and Processing and Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics. Both parts appear monthly in issues of varying size. Six issues constitute one volume, and two volumes are normally published per year.


Applied Physics B covers the broad field of laser physics, linear and nonlinear optics, ultrafast phenomena, photonic devices, optical and laser materials, quantum optics, laser spectroscopy of atoms, molecules and clusters, and use of laser radiation in chemistry and biochemistry. In addition to regular papers Applied Physics B features invited reviews. Fields of topical interest are covered by feature issues. The journal also includes a rapid communication section for the speedy publication of important and particularly interesting results. Instructions how to prepare and submit manuscripts are to be found on an extra page of the journal.