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The objective of this journal is to communicate recent advances in the development and use of computer methods for the solution of scientific and engineering problems related to hydrospace, aerospace and terrestrial structures. The word structures is interpreted in the broadest sense. The journal is intended to be of interest and use to researchers and practitioners in academic, governmental and industrial communities.

The range of appropriate contributions for the journal is very wide. The scope of the journal includes papers on mathematical modeling and computer methods in all areas of mechanics including structural, fluid, soil and fracture mechanics as well as heat transfer, non-linear dynamics and chaos. Also the solution of problems concerned with multiple media is relevant to the journal including fluid-structure and soil-structure interaction problems. The applications may come from any field of science or engineering including civil, mechanical, ocean, aerospace, automotive, environmental and materials engineering.

The scope also embraces computer-aided design including visualization, idealization, sensitivity and optimization methods; and the journal is concerned with the publication of new computational techniques as used on new and emerging computer hardware.