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This comprehensive journal provides the latest information on rotating machines and machine elements. This technology has become essential to many industrial processes, including steam- or water-driven turbines at utility plants and in food processing, automobile and airplane engines, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and chemical of petroleum refining. In spite of the importance of rotating machinery, and the huge financial resources involved in the industry, only a few publications distribute research and development information on the prime movers. This journal is the first source to combine the technology, as it applies to all of these specialties, previously scattered throughout literature.

The International Journal of Rotating Machinery, published in cooperation with the Pacific Center of Thermal-Fluids Engineering, presents research results on all types of rotating machinery employing gas, vapor, particle, liquid, and their mixtures (including slurry) as the working substances. Articles cover the topics of combustion, control design, dynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials, manufacturing, structures and thermodynamics.