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  A.B. Haines, Aircraft Research Association Ltd, Manton Lane, Bedford MK41 7PF, UK. Correspondence address: OBE, 3 Bromham Road, Biddenham, Bedfordshire MK40 4AF, UK Email: piashaines@kbnet.co.uk,

K.J. Orlik-Rčckemann, Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council, Ottawa K1A OR6, Canada. Correspondence address: 749 Chapman Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 1T8, Canada, 

Email:  orlikruckemann@attcanada.net

Progress in Aerospace Sciences is an international review journal designed to be of broad interest and use to all those concerned with research in aerospace sciences and their applications in research establishments, industry and universities. The journal is devoted primarily to the publication of specially commissioned review articles designed to bring together under one cover current advances in the ever-broadening field of aerospace sciences. No artificial limits are imposed on the length of papers and authors are encouraged to provide specialist readers with an orderly and concise summary of recent work, including sufficient detail for more general aerospace readers to be informed of recent developments in fields other than their own.

The coverage of the journal includes timely reviews not only in the fields of aero- and gas-dynamics but also in other important aerospace areas such as structures, flight mechanics, materials, vibrations, aero-elasticity, acoustics, propulsion, avionics and occasionally also some related areas such as hydrodynamics.