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Rheologica Acta has the aim of advancing rheology in the broadest sense. The journal accepts papers in all core areas of fluid or solid rheology. Studies which integrate rheology with other physical or chemical phenomena, which explore novel experimental or computational methods, or which apply rheology are also welcome. The results should be new, unexpected, and/or innovative. Materials of interest include polymer melts and solutions, polymer blends and block copolymers, liquid crystals, emulsions, dispersions, suspensions, ionomers, gels, biomaterials, food materials, crosslinking materials, rubber, glass ceramics, cement.

Possible topics include:

  • theory of rheology
  • flow experiments with non-Newtonian materials
  • computational methods in rheology
  • engineering applications
  • experimental rheometry and rheological sensors
  • correlation of rheology with molecular and supramolecular structure
  • flow-induced phase transitions or ordering transitions
  • chemorheology
  • electrorheology
  • elastic instabilities and secondary flows
  • time-resolved rheometry