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The purpose of the journal is to report original research of scholarly value in theoretical and computational fluid dynamics aimed at elucidating flow physics. Papers along these lines covering the wide interdisciplinary range of fluid mechanics (e.g. aeronautics, environmental fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, gas dynamics, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, fluid dynamics of material sciences etc.) are sought. Of particular interest are those papers in which combined computational and experimental approach is taken to gain insight into complex flow physics and papers in which a fundamental theoretical analysis is presented to complement and/or explain computationally observed phenomena. In addition, papers on the basic mathematical theory of fluid mechanics, particulary with computational implications (as opposed to analytical papers dealing with a particular flow problem) are solicited. Computational results are expected to be rigorous in the sense that the numerical algorithm has been well tested and the crucial issue of resolution of the flow field has been addressed. The journal contains a complemetary blend of both computational and theoretical papers of a fundamental nature. Papers of a purely algorithmic, experimental, or engineering application flavor are outside the scope of the journal.