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Interrogations of Direct Numerical Simulation of Solid-Liquid Flows

by Daniel D. Joseph

This book is 300+ pages. The electronic files are split to accommodate the art; each PDF file is between 100 and 6600 Kb. The PDF files here provide the FIFTH update. One advantage of a web page book is that the author makes the decision about when and how to do updates. I have chosen to do updates as addenda and appendices. This choice is motivated by the desire not to upset the 2002 edition, which was carefully crafted with a good index and list of references. The references for the addenda are local; the references in the addendum are given there or in the list for the 2002 edition. In this FIFTH edition, I added a new chapter (XVI, addendum E) on the fluid dynamics of floating particles; I revised appendix C with new results about the lift on a sphere in a tube flow and I added an addendum D citing new results which advance the numerical methods used for direct simulation.

Table of Contents
File-1 (1.3MB)
I Introduction
II Equations of Motion
III Numerical Packages for Moving Particles in Direct Numerical Simulation
Addendum A: Experiments on Particle Collisions in Viscous Liquids; Stokes number
IV Weak and Strong Formulations of the DLMMethod
Addendum B: Weak Form of Body Force Formulation When the Lagrange Multiplier is Eliminated
Addendum C: Recent Developments in Direct Numerical Methods for Solid-Liquid Flows
File-2 (1.2MB)
V Applications of DNS
Modeling and DNS
File-3 (2.6MB)
VII Direct Numerical Simulation of Fluidization of 1204 Spheres
File-4a (6.6MB)
VIII Modeling Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of a sedimenting suspension of circular particles
File-4B (430KB)
IX Fluidization by lift: single particle studies
X Analytical models of lif
File-4C (420KB)
XI Slip Velocity and lift at finite Reynolds numbers
File-4D (1.0MB)
Addendum D: Lift Forces on a Cylindrical Particle in Plane Poiseuille Flow of Newtonian and Shear Thining Fluids
Addendum E: Lift Force on a Spherical in tube flow
File-5 (320KB)
XII Stability and turning point bifurcations of a single particle in Poiseuille flow
File-6 (300KB)
XIII Lift off of a single particle in plane Poiseuille flow of an Oldroyd-B fluid
File-7 (3.5MB)
XIV Fluidization by lift of 300 circular particles in plane Poiseuille flow by DNS (first half)
File-8 (2.3MB)
XIV Fluidization by lift of 300 circular particles in plane Poiseuille flow by DNS (second half)
File-9 (630KB)
XV Bi-power law correlations for sediment transport in pressure driven channel flows
Appendix A of XV
Appendix B of XV
File-2 (3.6MB)
XVI Fluid Dynamics of Floating Particles
File-epliogue (25KB)
XVII Epilogue
File-ref (180KB)
Symbol chart and Index

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