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DNS and 3-D PTV Database at Turbulence and Heat Transfer Laboratory, the University of Tokyo


This anonymous ftp site offers a collection of the data files of the turbulent statistical quantities, which have been obtained through direct numerical simulation (DNS) and three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry measurement (3-D PTV) of various turbulent transport phenomena.

Each database has been prepared so that it is completely self-explanatory. The data file code number stands for the flow category and entry number, and you can find the meaning of each character in a "Code Number Abbreviation" file. For a DNS data file, the test case simulated, boundary and initial conditions, and numerical techniques are described in detail. For a PTV data file, the outline of experiment is described with additional information such as the instrumentation, experimental conditions and measurement uncertainty.

You can freely download the data files for your own research purposes, but may not use them for any commercial purposes. There are some other conditions for the use of data files, so please refer to the detailed descriptions available at the web site above.

The data suppliers hope these DNS and 3-D PTV data files herein collected will help for your research work and also for the welfare of mankind.

Prepared by N. Kasagi