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Who's Who in Fluids and Flow
A directory of professionals in flow engineering and fluid mechanics.

The Who's Who in Fluids and Flow Directory is open to all professionals working in the areas of fluid mechanics and flow engineering. Individual name, title, affiliation, address are available as provided to anyone using the Who's Who. If you have registered as an eFluids user, your name should appear in the Who's Who with the information you provided. eFluids may have also entered basic individual information from other sources. Please check your entry for accuracy using the Edit Form.

To protect the privacy of eFluids users, we guarantee that the Who's Who will not be used by eFluids to generate mailing lists, nor the information in it be sold, or be made available in an electronic format. If at any time you no longer wish certain data to be listed, you may remove them by contacting us at contact@efluids.com.

We hope to make the Who's Who in Fluids and Flow as complete as possible. Please enter your data now if it does not currently appear using the Entry Form.
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